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What are the 7 essential to a Donor-Centric thank you letter?

Relate: “We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks to you ___# of families received______.”  Donors want to feel good about their gift and connection to your mission.

Express: “Thank You for being a lifeline to our men. You provided the care needed to start a new life”. By expressing thanks this way, you are connecting their gift to a greater good. 

Say It Again: No one complains about being over thanked. They should be thanked immediately, and get creative in finding new ways to say thanks. 

Play Back: Makes a meaningful connection with their passion and motivation for giving. “Because of you, vulnerable children are thriving and lives transformed.”

Enumerate: Donors love when their gift is connected to a tangible result - meals served, hours of education, nights of shelter. 

Capture: Take a picture with your words… “You put a smile on Julia’s face”. 

Take the Time: A timely thank you note is the FIRST step to a happy donor and a second gift. Their giving is a relationship and not a transaction!


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