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Content Fundraising or What's Behind Door #3

Many of you may have seen the game show Let’s Make a Deal. At the end of the show, contestants choose between 3 doors for the grand prize. Sometimes you won a new car, and sometimes you won some worthless gift like an old wheelbarrow.

One of the new trends in fundraising is Content Fundraising. You provide your donors with content as a way to cultivate the relationship and get them more involved in your organization.

There’s nothing really new here.  Nonprofits have always provided their donors with content. Like Let’s Make a Deal’s 3 doors, there was always something behind each door. The problem has been sometimes the content is valuable and other times it’s junk.

If you’re going to do Content Fundraising successfully, make sure your donors are excited to see what’s behind your door #3. It starts by knowing your donors and what is important to them.          

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